How do I setup my shop for Antecons?

You decide where you want to show recommendations on your shop and make a small change to your shop template.

For information about this setup, please refer to the guide setting up Antecons.

Can I customize Antecons?

Yes, you currently have the following customization options:

  • How many recommendations to show.
  • How many recommendations to show per row.
  • The headline for the recommendations.
  • The headline size.
  • Recommendation image size
  • Whether or not to show the product price on a recommendation.
  • Whether or not to show the product title on a recommendation.

Can I change the appearance of the recommendations?

Yes, you have two options for changing the appearance.

  1. Enable automatic styles.
  2. Create your own styles.

Automatic styles are enabled by default. This means that Antecons sets up a basic layout for the recommendations based on a few settings that you choose on the settings page, such as the number of recommendations.

If you create your own styles, you have complete control over how the recommendations look and feel. Remember to turn off automatic styles if you create your own.

For more information about styles, please refer to the style overview.

Does Antecons support mobile devices

Yes, Antecons uses a responsive layout that automatically resizes based on the size of the device.

Why am I not seeing any recommendations on my webshop?

If you are not seeing any automatic recommendations on your webshop, here are some possible reasons and suggestions to alleviate the problem.

Did you include the Antecons snippet in your product and cart templates?
If not, please follow the instructions for setting up Antecons.
Did you install Antecons very recently?
Antecons needs a bit of time to analyze your data before it can show suggestions. The initial analysis can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.
Is Antecons installed correctly on your shop?
You can confirm that Antecons is installed correctly by performing an installation check on the settings page.

When I add a new product to my shop, will Antecons show it?

Yes, but maybe not immediately. Whenever you add a new product, Antecons is notified by Shopify. If the product is then sold or viewed with other products then Antecons will automatically start analyzing that data and create recommendations.

My question has not been answered

If you have other questions about Antecons, please contact us.